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April 10, 2018

This week: new tracks from Matt Steele & The Corvette SunsetDustedThe Olympic Symphonium, and Nap Eyes, choice covers by Ryan Cook and Jerry Granelli, plus we take a look ahead to the Halifax Jazz Festival and (finally) get to play some Land of Talk.


  • Sloan - Spin Our Wheels
  • Dusted - Outline Of A Wolf
  • Land Of Talk - This Time
  • Jerry Granelli - Ain't That A Shame (Fats Domino Cover feat. Robben Ford, Bill Frisell, and J. Anthony Granelli)
  • Ryan Cook - Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Nilsson Cover)
  • Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset - Handshake Deal
  • Erin Costelo - Fighter
  • Johnny Coull - I'm Fine (Cause The Girl Is Mine)
  • Nap Eyes - I'm Bad
  • Olympic Symphonium - Lost In The Party
  • Jennah Barry - Dead Give Away
  • Rabies - Chance
  • Washing Machine - Michael Nightmare
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